LUCKISM® is a life-guidance system. It is intended to improve on existing philosophies, religions and isms. It is based on the deepest insights of science, traditional wisdom and personal experience. LUCKISM® puts “luck” at the center of our attention. Like the force of gravity, luck can work both to assist and to limit our activity. Luck is real and also mysterious. This site is devoted to showing you how an advanced system of human behavior can be based on paying close attention to luck, a universal phenomenon which has not been given sufficient respect. LUCKISM® is a gift to the world. It is as free as air or sunlight.


First lesson: The Gods Throw Dice. That's shorthand for saying that when you get to the deepest level of anything in the world you reach the unknowable, unpredictable and uncontrollable - in other words, you reach the zone of luck. Here you can [link] to proof of this statement in the areas of science, traditional wisdom and personal experience. Clicking [here] will give you an explanation of our alteration of William Blake's great image.


LUCKISM® is a public service, non-profit design by Daniel Young, shown here in a semi-serious saintly mode. Young has designed LUCKISM® to fix a harmful imbalance in the way human civilization is developing in the world. Humanity has failed to give proper respect to chance, randomness or unpredictability, commonly called “luck.” As a result humanity has vastly overestimated its ability to dominate and control the universe. Specifically, human activity has become a threat to the harmonious and healthy continuation of life on Earth. Steven Heller, a leading design critic, has written that Young "creates completely new objects that cross the borders between fun and philosophy and between design and art." Young says, "This is my ultimate design. Don't underestimate LUCKISM® because I am giving it away.


LUCKISM® shows you how to find the sweet spot where you get life-enhancing benefits from living close to natural luck without making the mistake of trying to dominate it. That mistake is what's hurting the world. This site will explain how to practice LUCKISM® and make the world a better place for yourself and others.


LUCKISM® works by showing you how to find and maintain the simplest, most natural and most direct way to move through life. That is how you come into the most contact with the healthy energy of natural luck. When you get water directly from a well, stream, lake or reservoir you are connecting to a form of natural energy. When you get water packaged in a container that connection has been lost in the sterility of mechanical interactions. The same is true for all life-sustaining activity. Obtaining something in a direct transaction with another human being is imbued with an energy lacking in ordering it over the internet. In short, LUCKISM® works by restoring your connection to the energetic chanciness which underlies nature and all existence. Start with water and move on from there.


Let's move from water, the substance we can't live without (loaded with natural luck) to an activity at the other end of the spectrum - space travel and colonization (loaded with artificiality and overweening unnatural control). In a mistaken analogy to the past exploration of Earth a completely unrealistic goal of expansion to other planets is being advanced as a solution. Luckism® proposes that individual lives, the well-being of larger communities and the future of the world at large will be improved by paying closer attention to the operation of luck in all things on Earth. Fortunately, in the last hundred years Science has begun to acknowledge the existence of structural limitations to what can be known and controlled. LUCKISM® joins this new insight to traditional wisdom and personal experience. The result is a way of life which redefines the goal of “progress” and makes the achievement of happiness much more likely.


Here we will give examples of how LUCKISM® guides conduct - from the food we eat to whether we travel in space; from how we communicate with others to how we choose entertainment; from how we handle problems to how we make decisions. The things to be avoided can be attractive, whether it's a food or a scientific project. We have to go beyond the attraction to examine how it connects to the world and the underlying force of luck.. [Pringles]


1. Most of the world already believes the basic fact of LUCKISM® and has experienced its reality. Who? Anybody who has gambled in any form from children's games to casinos! That's why the design of LUCKISM® includes SUBLIMATED GAMBLING™ as an individual or group confirmation of the reality of luck. We play games of chance free of the motive of financial gain. 2. ALEATORY ANALYSIS™ is another special form of confirmation of the truth of LUCKISM® in which individuals or groups analyze personal or public events to locate the chance factors they always contain. A hilarious semi-fictional account of this method is found in Stanislaw Lem's...


After a lifetime in law and design Daniel Young wanted to create a guidance system for humanity which works better than those of the past. He claims nothing accept the desire to do something beneficial for the world. It could be done by any person with sufficient interest and determination. There were no communication from divinities, no encounters with angels and no flashes of genius or altered states. So the answer to the question posed above is that you should listen to Young because he is a conduit for expressing something that you yourself would express - because it conforms to your deepest understanding and belief.