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( Luck explains everything – including the fact that not everything can be explained)

Tagline: A New Way of Life Draws On Ancient Wisdom, Deep Science and Common Sense

Illustration: Blake modified (God throws dice). (With full explanation of modification)

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Ancient Wisdom: Many ancient philosophies posit an unknowable force behind all reality such as the Dao behind Yin and Yang. [Read more]

Deep Science: Uncertainty in Physics, Incompleteness in Mathematics, Randomness in Biology all support the centrality of luck [Read more]

Common Sense: The personal experience of luck in life is a generally accepted fact. [Read more]

LOGO – with scroll-over discussion of subject & explanation of its meaning and link to other logo possibilities.

The Basics – Reverence for the natural luck involved in all existence is the key to a good life.  (scroll-over explanation of “natural luck”)

Definition of “natural luck” 

A source of energy

A limit on control

A standard of harmony

Therefore: A guiding principle for all human conduct.

The Proofs – Showing that natural luck is involved in everything and is something to be revered.

Traditional – mysterious, omnipresent and omnipotent gods, unknowable entities and forces

Scientific – unknowables in all basic fields. Hawking quote.

Personal + Lem – common knowledge

Existential/Ritual – confirmation and reinforcement of the proofs

Sublimated Gambling explained

Aleatory Analysis explained

Aleatory Guidance explained

The Practices/Applications  Examples of how reverence for natural luck guides human conduct.

In daily life – How the basic principal applies to human life. Nourishment, relationships, birth, death and everything in between, transactions, science (in the broadest sense of attempts to know and control the universe), entertainment

Directness vs. indirectness, natural vs. unnatural, real vs. virtual/synthetic

Communal – meetings as equivalents of “church.”

The Organization – How to keep it going without losing the way. (The most challenging part of the design)






The Designer – The limits of its role and control.

Why “it?”

Its ordinariness and modesty.

Avoidance of deification or other form of sanctification.

Suppression of natural ego.


Archive – Young’s writings since 2012 + luck-related designs and design methods (Wishpaper, Magnetic I-Ching)

Blog – (w/ moderated comments?)

Honorary Luckists – Aristotle etc.




The purpose of the site is to present my design for a new way to live which I call LUCKISM®. It could be called a philosophy, a religion or a belief system. 
The main categories and sub categories of the site are:
Main Principles  –  The central idea is to live in a way that gets you closer to natural chance without making the mistake of trying to dominate it. Natural chance is defined as the universal force which is part of the energy which sustains everything in the universe. That operation of the force of natural chance is impossible to know or analyze or predict. 

Proof of its Truth – A section with 3 subsections proving that natural chance or luck is a dominant force in the universe. 
a. Scientific Proof – The discoveries in science that chance/unpredictability is a fundamental factor in the universe. Heisenberg, Godel, Chaikin, Turing 
b. Biographical Proof – People’s existing knowledge of the role of natural chance in their lives. In other words, the majority of people already believe the truth on which LUCKISM is based. They just don’t realize how it supports a complete way of life.
c. Existential Proof – Things people can do to refresh and strengthen their belief in the truth of LUCKISM®. These thing can be done individually or in groups.
1. Sublimated Gambling  – gambling for spiritual connection, not money.
2. Aleatory Analysis – locating the power of luck in all the events of life.
3. Aleatory Guidance – Using luck for guidance. e.g. I Ching.
Life Practices – The rules of conduct. A big section explaining how the basic principle of LUCKISM® is applied to life. This may have subsections such as Birth & Death, Food, Work, Relationship, Environment, Science/Technology, 
FAQ – Basic questions answered. 
Blog – New Thoughts from Young. This where I will write new material and moderate comments.
Videos – This is where we will show video lectures by Young and interviews.
Archive Young writings from 2012 – 2022.  Written material from the past.
About – Young bio, history of Luckism®, design thoughts
Join – Membership info – Categories of membership
Donate – A way for making donations.
Contact –

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